Empires of Medieval West Africa

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Empires of Medieval West Africa (Revised Edition)
Introduction, epilogue, 4 maps, 53 informative sidebars, 37 full-color photographs, historical time-line, glossary and bibliography
Chelsea House Publishers 2010

Beginning in the eighth century, the three successive empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay dominated West African history for almost a millennium. In control of both regional and trans-Saharan trade networks, the empires flourished and grew under a series of powerful leaders including Mansa Musa, whose accomplishments were celebrated in European capitals.

Drawing on a rich oral tradition, numerous trips to the region, and the latest scholarship available, author David C. Conrad explores the people, places, and ideas that made up this trio of sub-Saharan empires. Empires of Medieval West Africa, Revised Edition discusses the vital role of salt and other natural resources played in the development of the empires, the rich and diverse cultures, and the influence of the growth of Islam during the later periods of the empires. 

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